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1206/2A, Sankalp, 2nd Floor, Office No. 3 & 5, Apte Road, Shivaji Nagar, Pune 411004, Maharashtra India

Meaning of CerveauSys
French Word "Cerveau" means brain. This is the most critical part of human body governing various higher level functions such as planning, organizing, decision making, creative thinking and problem solving which are the core aspects of management science. The word "Sys" stands for systems, processes and initiatives. In this sense CerveauSys (pronounced as "SevoSys) reflects our passion for designing and implementing intelligent, creative yet simple management initiatives to ensure business results of our clients".

Who We are ?
We are a group of professionals dedicated to bring Strategic Performance Improvement In Your Organization .... Consistently and Efficiently!

We are a creative management consulting firm offering value adding partnership with your organization for enhancing Strategic Focus, People Performance and Motivation, resulting in superior business outcome. We work with a business solution and growth centric approach. We diagnose and comprehend the strategically critical business challenges of our clients and structure our consulting initiatives to address and resolve those.

We work with pre defined results/impact matrix and actively work with our clients during all phases of implementation. In this sense, we are "Hands-On" Consultants. We define and implement long term and high impact initiatives which ensure a highly engaging and mutually enriching experience for both; our clients and we all at CerveauSys.

Vision Statement
Grow To Be The Most Respected Competent Consulting Group Facilitating Business Growth of Its Clients and Thereby Prosperity of The Society.

Mission Statement
Improving Organizational Effectiveness and People Competencies Through High Impact Initiatives That Deliver Valuable, Consistent and Measurable Results.

Each organization is unique in terms of its history, culture, business environment, business model, products/services, customer profile, internal processes and so on. Hence we believe in conducting thorough organizational analysis to understand critical business challenges and opportunities specific to each client organization before recommending, designing and implementing our consulting solutions.

We are a confederate of professionals who are in the passionate pursuit of bringing in strategic performance improvement in client organization by deploying our highly specialized diverse core competencies. Our experts, partners and associates bring in enriching knowledge and insights from their respective domains such as Business Strategy, Marketing, HR and Organization Development, Productivity Improvement, Industrial/Clinical psychology, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and Training, Compensation and Benefits, Labour Laws to value add in our consulting assignments. We enhance business impact and cost efficiency of our consulting services through effectively synergizing the expertise available at CerveauSys and that with our client organizations.

Our unique differentiation lies in our robust and research based consulting approach which involves :

Step 1 : ExploringOrganizational Analysis
Comprehending and leveraging unique strengths of the client organization to create strategic advantage

Step 2 : Discovering
Identifying dormant potential and emerging opportunities for organizational growth
Determining present performance levels and unearthing root-causes of non-performance,

Step 3 : Designing
Defining key change themes and designing appropriate strategic business growth, HR or Organization Development Initiatives and action plans
Establishing team consensus, commitment and motivation for strategic execution

Step 4 : Implementing
Facilitating implementation as an extended arm of client organization
Ensuring appropriate process and skills training to empower client organization for process continuity

Step 5 : Reviewing and Supporting
Staying connected with client organization for periodic review/audits
Providing tips/updates/emerging trends related data to improve impact of initiatives
We believe in establishing long term, result oriented and mutually enriching relationships with our clients hence most of our consulting engagements are marked with extensive and intense involvement with client organization. During all stages of our consulting assignments, our experts work with the client teams to create a group energy and motivation to implement the recommended initiatives. In this process we empower the client teams with requisite knowledge and skills to ensure continuity of the systems/processes and initiatives that are initiated as a result of our consulting engagement.

In this sense, we believes and practice "hands-on" consulting and facilitation.

1206/2A, Sankalp, 2nd Floor, Office No. 3 & 5, Apte Road, Shivaji Nagar Pune, Maharashtra 411004 India

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