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Betterplace Safety Solutions Pvt Ltd. 144, Subharam Complex, 3rd Floor, MG Road, Bengaluru 560001, Karnataka India

Our vision is to help Build a Better Place for the Next Billion Indians.​

Out of the 1.3 Billion Indians, more than 450 Million of them are working in the in-formal economy, and aspiring to move to formal jobs. A good percentage of these are migrants from different parts of the country, typically from the North and North Eastern villages, migrating to the cities in the rest of India, in search of a "Better Life". They work as security guards, delivery staff, drivers, retail staff, carpenters, plumbers, house keeping, maids, factory workers, construction workers, etc; What we call as the blue and grey collar jobs.

One of the biggest impediments in their transition from an in-formal to formal economy has been the lack of credible data of their trust worthiness. This is a segment where digitisation is almost 0%. 

We are working on building a digital platform that can help build a solid trust relationship between the blue and grey collar workforce and their employers, in order to provide a better life for them in terms of better opportunities, better skills, better employers, better credit, better services, and much more.​

Together, lets build a Better Place for the Next Billion Indians.

We are a technology company working on building a Digital "Trust Platform" that helps build a solid trust relationship between employers and their blue/grey collar employees.

Go much beyond old-style "ineffective" background verification process. Build trust. It provides Proof of Trust Worthiness for the Employees, and a Higher Productivity for the Employers.

  • Better Opportunities.
  • Better Skills.
  • Better Employers.
  • Better Credit.
  • Better Services.
  • Better Life.

Together, lets build a "Better Place" for the NEXT 1 BILLION INDIANS.
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Background Verification, ID Verification, Address Verification, Aadhaar Verification, Criminal Records, Blue Collar Workers, Grey Collar Workers, Police Verification, Assessments, Attendance, Training, Credit, Onboarding, Skills, Education, Employment, and eKYC

Betterplace Safety Solutions Pvt Ltd. 144, Subharam Complex, 3rd Floor, MG Road Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001 India

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