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The IT sector is fast evolving and it is difficult to keep pace with the changes. To keep ones skills updated is the only way to meet the challenges in this sector. Going by a survey done by the best…

Posted By: Multi Recruit

The past few decades have witnessed a rapid shift in the recruitment trends. From the traditional process of hiring through newspaper ads and face-to-face meetings, recruitments have now become significantly digitized, which means, paper applications are getting replaced by video…

Posted By: Multi Recruit

It has been found that at the time of interviewing new employees, the traits that are commonly avoided include disagreeableness, neuroticism and introversion. This fact is reinstated through a published research in 2014 in the journal called Perspectives in Psychological…

Posted By: AssessHub

Creating a Coaching Culture

17-11-1717 5:45 AM

Creating a coaching culture in an organisation is the best way to engage employees. It creates a sense of belonging and employees connect with the organisation. A coaching culture simply means supporting your employees so that they learn new skills and become…

Posted By: Mind Skillz

Meeting Our Marginal Selves

11-09-1717 6:51 AM

“The web of our life is a mingled yarn, good and ill together:our virtues would be proud, if our faults whipped them not;and our crimes would despair, if they were not cherished by our virtues.”– William Shakespeare  It has taken…

Posted By: Anahat Organisation Development Consultancy

To Pixar & Beyond

13-03-1717 8:08 AM

Just finished the book on audible: “To Pixar and Beyond: My Unlikely Journey with Steve Jobs to Make Entertainment History”  by Lawrence Levy I heard about this book on Knowledge@Wharton Podcast with the author. Felt connected immediately. – It was about Pixar,…

Posted By: Regal Unlimited Tags: coaching, training, business, mentor, innovation

A Panel Discussion with Stanford GSB Professor Haim Mendelson: Emerging Business Models & Lessons from the Valley at The Hive, VR Bengaluru I went to listen to the Prof. He was more like a coach, asking some powerful questions and…

Posted By: Regal Unlimited Tags: gap2016, acc, acc2pcc, business coaching, coach certification, business coach, training, entrepreneurship

We all know that 99% of businesses worldwide invest in training their employees one way or another. Training is a crucial part of developing the skills of your team, creating strong company culture and offering excellent quality products or services…

Posted By: Farsight IT Solutions Private Limited Tags: training, need

Farsight Payroll outsourcing comes with its own benefits and challenges. Some organization can never afford managing entire payroll in-house, for example, if a foreign based organization enters in Indian market, the organization would tend to outsource payroll to avoid statutory…

Posted By: Farsight IT Solutions Private Limited Tags: in house, payroll processing

Diversified audience, amplifying engagement rate, scattered yet organized and competitive in nature, Social Media is surely getting more and more complicated for brands. Today your potential customers are making decisions about buying your product or services on social media channels…

Posted By: Planet Ganges Tags: social media

Business owners looking for increased exposure for their business, web traffic, and more conversions can benefit from listing their business in a global online business directory. Potential customers or business partners may locate your business searching the directory. However, one of the primary…

Posted By: HR Directory Listing Services Tags: online, business, directory, internet marketing

Very well said. Most of the times,  we hire smart people and then mold them to our ways, our culture and stifle them and strip them of their originality. We spend a fortune many times in inducting new talents after…

Posted By: Human Engineers Consulting Services Tags: steve jobs, hiring, smart people, originality

Product catalog feeds are not easy to crack. If you want the ultimate catalog that does all good for you, right from the search performance to the customer experience, you need to realize that your product catalog has some errors. Some…

Posted By: Mobius Knowledge Services

The following content was originally published on BigDataMadeSimple and you can read it here. I’ve become a big fan of Google. Now before I start pouring in praises for the search giant, it’s quite amusing to note that their well-loved search routine begins…

Posted By: Mobius Knowledge Services

“Don’t neglect the little things that can have a big impact”. This is the policy that must be followed by any organization. It’s a known fact that people get more happiness from little things and so attention should be given…

Posted By: CerveauSys Strategic Consulting Private Limited

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